Course curriculum

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    Monthly Presentations

    • The Patient Experience With Keith Meldrum

    • The Return To Work Chat

    • Research Chat on Therapeutic Alliance

    • Coaching on Coaching

    • Motivational Interviewing with Bronnie Thompson

    • Central Sensitization

    • The Feldenkrais Method With Todd Hargrove

    • You, Massage Therapists Still Matter - Chrystal Ladoucer RMT

    • Trauma and Pediatric Pain; An Intergenerational Problem. With Dr. Melanie Noel

    • Concussion Management with Conor Collins

    • Barriers & Enablers To The Biopsychosocial Approach

    • Trauma Informed Practice with Jennifer Fleming rmt

    • Trauma Informed Practice Quiz

    • Research Review: Exploiting The Role Of Human Touch

    • Exploiting The Role of Human Touch Quiz

    • Oncology Massage An RMT and Cancer Patient Perspective - With Meaghan Mounce RMT

    • Oncology Massage An RMT and Cancer Patient Perspective - Quiz

    • Research Review - Rotator Cuff Disease

    • Rotator Cuff Disease - Quiz

    • Empowering The Client - With Justin Kobe Solace

    • Empowering The Client - Quiz

    • Treating Runners - With Matt Phillips

    • Treating Runners Quiz

    • Overcoming Obstacles to Evidence Based Practice - With Rajam Roose

    • Rajam Roose Presentation Quiz

    • Where next? Massage therapists enhancing their skills beyond hands-on - With Odette Wodd & Rachel Ah Kit

    • Massage Therapy Ethics With Laura Allen

    • Breaking The Crack Addiction - An Evidence Based Guide To Spinal Manipulation with Dr. Richard McIlmoyle

    • Crossing The Chasm of Evidence Based Practice with Walt Fritz

    • The Patient Experience with Amy Busch Eicher

    • The Ladder of Engagement with Whitney Lowe

    • Therapeutic Alliance with Steve Young

    • Evidence-based Strategies In Pain Care With a Focus On How To guide movement for people in pain

    • In My Experience the World is More or Less Flat: Experience, Cognitive Bias, Expert Intuition and Noise. How can we reach back across the chasm? - Tristen Attenborough

    • Touch and Therapeutic Alliance: an Active Inference Model to Understand the Value of Massage. Anna Maria Mazzieri